The N&N Christmas House Update.... Christmas Of 2016

By MountainGuy24 & Daer0n *This Christmas House Was Built Last Year Of 2016* It Was Taken Down From My Old Site Cause I Deleted I...

By MountainGuy24 & Daer0n

*This Christmas House Was Built Last Year Of 2016*
It Was Taken Down From My Old Site Cause I Deleted It
*So Here It Is Again*
I Just Started The Sims Community When I Built This
So If There Is Any Mistakes I Apologize

The N&N Christmas House  UPDATED!!! November 17,2017  
By Daer0n & MountainGuy24 
Note this is a 64x64 Lot so you will need sims 4 get together, and perfect patio stuff, and the christmas pack!!! 
DbA@TSR_Snow Fence Low by By Angela 
rocks sold foundations by Sims 4 Studio 
Nash Christmas by blue hopper 
Ring Clip Curtains by devilcious 
Space Keeper Television & Security cameras by mr. simista 
Smaller Subtle Saucer Lighter by lexicon luthor 
Buggy Kitchen Decoration by leosims
office clutter by leo sims
scandinivaian christmas fir tree garland by severinka[scandinavian-christmas]-fir-tree-garland/id/1323188/
Video Games by sims 4 fun 
shelf by hvkis 
power tools deco by simista 
tool deco bundle by simista  
2t4 Garlands (updated by daer0n) 
stainless steel microwave by daer0n 
modern windows & modern garage doors by 
fireplaces by daer0n 
hexameter sligh with reindeer 3t4 conversion by daer0n 
snowy outdoor lamp post by daer0n 
X mas lights by daer0n 
tv remote by daer0n 
thermostat by daer0n 
phone jacks by daer0n 
wall smoke detector by daer0n 
modern white lacquer round nightstand by daer0n 
modern living windows 1 by daer0n 
modern kitchen windows by daer0n 
jaymes chrome desk lamp by daer0n 
decorative ceiling vent by daer0n 
light switches by daer0n 
central air conditioner by daer0n 
living lycon rug by buff summ 
Shagon- Chair-dining table 
kitchen minimalist by shino 
Black white kitchen stove by un999–stove/id/1344477/ 
inspire kitchen sink by k-mo 
Outdoor 2016 Grill and Bar 
(Functional Sprinkler) Microm Fire alarm system by daer0n 
dining room set (Only Need Dining Table) by helen sims 
curtains and canopys-Curtain Sheer Left by shino–curtain-sheer-left/id/1289653/ 
curtains and canopys-curtain sheer right by shino–curtain-sheer-right/id/1289654/ 
horizontal curtain blinds by adonispluto 
cheers fireplace by simcredible 
Rakki Garden Set by jomsims 
Slide living recolors (only need the paintings in the set) by pilar 
Black white living sofa by un999–sofa/id/1350037/ 
Black white living sofa by un999–living-chair-1/id/1350031/ 
Black white living sofa 2 by un999–living-chair-2/id/1350032/ 
Black white living-pillow by un999–pillow/id/1350033/ 
Black white living-rug by un999–rug/id/1350035/ 
Sierra blanco pre glazed interior door by daer0n 
Lauren Bed (Updated) by mxims 
aracaza coffee table by jomsims 
Modern marble walls 3 by prailesims 
rounded sink lemingstone by jomsims 
laguna Shower by severinka 
Modern Tile 19 by prailinesims 
wall light water fall by severinka–wall-light-waterfall/id/1357235/ 
Yard String 4 Pole Light Mesh by dot 
Solutions Set By Dot 
pour lui ceiling light metal by jomsims 
Nikadema Harmony Ceiling Light by nikadema 
Scandinavian christmas living by severinka 
Winter outdoor deco set by severinka 
Wreath Collection lamps by simcredible–lamps/id/1320054/ 
Column lamp Mesh (download whole set) by dot 
The christmas holiday pack by g1g2 
download tea pot, sugar pot,tea mug,christmas plates,christmas desert plate by sandy around the sims 4 
screaming retro-flowers by simcredible–flowers/id/1353127/ 
indigo plants by un999–plant/id/1337487/ 
norvedem garland by kiolometro 
Pre-strung tree of lights multicolour recolours by simmiller 
decorative christmas evening (Only Need Mail Box) by jenni sims 
Christmas Candles By Granny Zaza 
christmas welcome mat by evi 
merry christmas set by milana 
christmas 2015 set by martines simblr 
4 decorative fences, by dorosimfan1 
Graciously Georgian Arches by peacemaker 
Theater Set by MXIMS 
industrial/bedroom desk with sideboard by k-mo 
industrial/bedroom desk add on by k-mo 
snow roof set by maho creations 
snow roof v2 by maho creations 
snow roof v1 by maho creations 
bathroom aloe-toilet paper holder by un999–toilet-paper-roll-holder/id/1309422/ 
pavement terrian set by prailenesims 
snow terrian by prailenesims 
atmosfera wcwall toilet by pilar 
atmosfera WC toilet by pilar 
simple laundry room_part 2 detergents by mysimsworld 
Laundry Decoration Set by Dara Sims 
Modern Laundry (Just need the iron press and towels) by jom sims 
akumata deco dvd player by jom sims 
(Functional Xbox One) NOTE WILL NOT WORK WITH CC TVS-by vieira 
(Adult Bedroom) New inspiration jomel gerard room (only need plant out of set) by jom sims 
(Living room) New salon arvasyc (Only need the lights from set) by jom sims 
(Misc) Mirror Set by jom sims 
Garage Stuff (download whole Set) shelves,tires,oilcans,car lift,ladders,tool box by sg5150
Under Misc/walls & Paintings/ construction walls by sg5150
Christmas Tree Set with deco light set by studio K Creation 
Hangar Welding Machine by ozyman 
Tire Rack by ozyman 
Shop Compressor by sg5150
Cast Iron Bench-3tl by shino kcr–bench-3tl/id/1311385/ 
Cast Iron-Bench 2tl by shinokcr–bench-2tl/id/1311383/ 
Concrete Mirror Floors by pralinesims 
Recessed small lamp mesh by dot 
Might already have this in the links can’t remeber but here 
scandinavian Christmas living by severinka 
Might already have this on too, cant remeber, sorry my minds gone blank been linking for 3 days, hard to keep up but here hahah 
Scandinavian Christmas by severinka 
Dining Red Christmas by pilar 
Cheeres kitchen deco for doors by simincredible 
Elegance Dining Room (Just download gift boxes all of them) by canelline 
Clapboard crush siding walls set #1 with whit corner trim by sims network 
Wardrobe Stuff (clothes stand) by simcredible 
Zebrano Office (2 chairs) by sim incredible 
automatic trash can by newluxurioussims4 
supermonkey vase by newluxurioussims 4 
Modern clock 06 by severinka 
snow floor effect 4 by artrui 
snow floor effect 3 by artrui 
snow floor effect by artrui 
snow floor effect 2 by artrui 
snow wall effect 2 by artui 
snow wall effect 3 by artui 
snow wall effect 4 by artui 
snow wall effect by artui 
snow and frost terrian paints at 27sonia27 
snow terrian paints at 27sonia27 
garage asphalt by inbadromance 
classic wall set-solid colors by peace maker 
the sims 4 wall paint what you need set 02 by natatenec 
veox wood floor by prailenesims 
smokey autumn carpet 3 by abormotova 
pot ceiling focus lamp mesh by dot 
ts2 to ts4 christmas tree, gifts paintings by ms teaqueen 
andre prints (large) by green_girly100 
andre prints (small) by green_girly100 
Ez2 Cleaning Supplies by leom sims
folded pants by leo sims
baby clutter by sims 4 fun 
grocery store items by serialsimmer 
presoto hand bag 3 by jom sims 
b 43 kitchen appliances by leo sims
Garden Hoses by Leo sims
Nature in (Only download Plants) by simcredible 
flokati rug by pralinesims 
My first apartment speaker by nikadema 
yummy christmas by soloriya 
christmas 2015 by martines 
hottub recolors v1 by pixel shrine-devilicious 
Retro cleaner by leo sims
sim sima brilliant basics corn popper by dreamteams 
funny kitchen-time to salad bananas by simcredible–time-to-salad–bananas/id/1357679/ 
treadmill in 58 colors by enticing sims 
weight machine recolors by enticing sims 
Body language weights,botttle,poster,bag by simcredible 
black white living Rug by un999–rug/id/1350035/ 
christmas in lapland deco by maruska-geo 
Mens Golf Bag by shino kcr–golfbag/id/1351385/ 
snow covered trees by severinka 
Mila bath toiletbrush by buffsumm 
Build up your christmas tree by simcredible 
Christmas morning clutters by jomsims 
Dumnbell by sandy around the sims 4 
New Dream Christmas 2015 by jomsims 
osrium bar by jom sims 
Empire-Stool simcredible 
candy covered diaper box by simcredible 
Parking Space by sandy around the sims 4 
Sonic Media Player by nynaeve Design 
Sports Posters by severinka 
Dumbbells by severinka 
Barbell by severinka 
Punch Bag by severinka 
Bumper Plates by severinka 
stand with barbells by severinka 
Bathroom Loft-towel Stackable by shino kcr–towel-stakable/id/1225106/preview/loader/ 
Bathrrom minimalist-soap dispenser by shino kcr–soap-dispenser/id/1298646/ 
Bedroom Industry Radiator Large by buff summ 
Bedroom Industry Radiator Small by buff summ 
Real Plants-Dont know artist- Credit goes out to them 
Floor Vents by daer0n 
Sony W8-50-LED TV by mxims 
LG 84lm960v TV by mxims 
Folded Pants by mxims 
Holiday Candle by g1g2
H-PC Pro dont know artist all credit goes to them 
Wine glass Xmas by gg100
Leaning Mop by ajoya 
Mystery Presents by g1g2
byruin novogodhull kijo 
Kern drain rug mesh by dot 
Crucifix Cross by orangemittens studio
Me (MG24) & Daer0ns Stuff
Merry Early Christmas Guys!!!!

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